Why I Have a Potty Mouth

Mark Manson
9 min readDec 13, 2021

“Clean your language. Be a role model. You should use better words than f***. You may have a good message but the words you use are no good!”

“Someone sent me your post on ‘Finding your passion.’ It was good, but it was presented in a rather disrespectful way. Please cut out the bathroom language, and maybe you’ll get more ‘likes.’”

“Do you have to use such horrible language? Expand your vocabulary! You could be a good writer if you cleaned up your act.”

W hen I started blogging in 2007, I simply tried to write the same way I spoke. Honest. Clear. And with a lot of profanity.

I was a potty mouth. I could be vulgar and crude at times. I probably wrote a lot of things that would embarrass me if I read them today. But I was young and my only readers were a few of my guy friends. So it didn’t matter.

Once I was read by more people, the complaints began to come in. First, it was in a trickle. But as my popularity grew, that trickle became a steady stream of “Don’t you have anything better to say?” and “Only stupid people use those words because they can’t think of anything else to use!”

Eventually, there came a point a few years ago where I really had to sit down and ask myself if it was worth it. Was there any purpose to my profanity, or was it just a bad juvenile habit that…



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